Trying to find your place in the future of news? Find it with a Knight Lab writing fellowship

Hey, reporters, writers, and bloggers!

The Knight Lab has a few fun paying reporting gigs open and we’d like all you bright Northwestern students to apply.

The job will give you the opportunity to learn more about technology in journalism, make connections in the news and technology industries, and add professional clips for your portfolio.

As a Knight Lab editorial contributor, you’ll help the Lab cover interesting people and cool projects from around the industry, artificial intelligence and information design (two areas in which we have particular expertise), as well as projects we’re working on in-house (experiments, prototypes, products and services).

We might ask for a team update or an event recap on occasion, but our goal is to find interesting ways to cover all the exciting things happening in our field.

You’ll contribute at least one fully formed story each week. The story can take any shape you like — original reporting, reaction to industry news, aggregation of related content, or announcements of new projects — so long as it is thoughtful and well done.

The goal of all your writing will be to contribute to the larger discussion about how media and technology work together. You’ll have an opportunity to showcase original ideas, intelligence, and individuality. The Knight Lab blog is followed closely, and students who contribute will get to exchange ideas with leaders in those fields.

Writer/Reporter/Blogger Guidelines

There are few guidelines for this position other than to be creative, personable, relevant, smart, and enthusiastic.

You are encouraged to pitch us stories — class projects, products or tools you’re using, industry trends, etc. — but if you’re short on ideas, or would like to familiarize yourself with some other publications with similar content, take a spin through these sites (and actually you should be reading these sites anyway):

Also, don’t limit yourself to writing. If you’ve got another way to present a blog post — photographs, video, interactive, etc. — that’s all fair game.

You will need to commit to turning in a draft early enough for editing and are welcome to utilize the Knight Lab staff editorial expertise to help shape your stories.

Currently, we have a student who tweets for us, a couple who write, and quite a few who write code and develop projects and blog about their work along the way.

Writing for the Knight Lab blog is ideal for students who are interested in finding a place in journalism’s technology future, but not really sure where to get started.

If you’re at Northwestern and are interested email Ryan.

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