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  • A Big Change That Will Probably Affect Your Storymaps

    A big change is coming to StoryMapJS, and it will affect many, if not most existing storymaps. When making a storymap, one way to set a style and tone for your project is to set the “map type,” also known as the “basemap.” When we launched StoryMapJS, it included options for a few basemaps created by Stamen Design. These included the “watercolor” style, as well as the default style for new storymaps, “Toner Lite.” Stamen...

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  • Another Big TimelineJS Update That You Shouldn’t Even NoticeBut we wanted to warn you ahead of time

    There’s another big but invisible change coming to TimelineJS. In July, we announced a big update to TimelineJS on the day of the release. With some minor exceptions, we were right that most people didn’t notice. Next week, we’ll be making another big update, which, again, we hope you won’t notice. This time, we thought we should announce it ahead of time, because timelines created before January, 2015 will probably stop working unless steps are taken. Timelines...

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  • A Big TimelineJS Update That You Shouldn’t Even Notice

    Today we’re releasing a new version of TimelineJS, but most of you shouldn’t even notice a difference. We make updates to TimelineJS periodically, and we usually don’t say much about it, partly because people who publish timelines using our embed tool are automatically updated to the new version—there’s nothing they need to change. That includes this new release. However, in this case, we thought it was worthwhile posting for two related reasons. First, this release...

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