'Freehadists' and The Daily's demise: This Week on Twitter

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Each week our very own Stephen Autar tracks the tech and journalism conversations on Twitter as he runs the @KnightLab handle. He offers a recap of the most intriguing and important stories each Friday.
Undoubtedly, one of the biggest focal points of conversation this week was—of course—about The Daily. This tweet from Jeff Jarvis expertly sums up the situation: everyone has something to say about it.

Over on All Things Digital, Peter Kafka argued that The Daily was a bad concept from the start: "It was very much a digital interest newspaper that seemed to be geared toward people who didn’t really like newspapers.

Mathew Ingram and Joshua Benton both took to listing the reasons The Daily was set to fail from the get-go. Jarvis detailed the app's doom for the Guardian. And MG Siegler explained why magazine apps just don't quite work: because they suck.

The debate about paywalls for news sites continued this week—and probably will continue for some time—as Ryan Chittum of the Columbia Journalism Review attacked the "freehadists" who have consistently vocalized (tweeted) their opposition to paywalls.

The Leveson Inquiry was still a significant talking point earlier in the week. Leveson's report was published last Thursday (the Guardian posted this nifty infographic the day before if you needed to play catch-up) and it was still being tweeted, blogged and posted about well into the middle of this week. Tristan Stewart-Robinson wrote for PBS Media Shift, "Leveson Inquiry Takes Stone Age View of Online Media," cutting down some of the report's bigger pieces of criticism.

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