@KnightLab gets a new voice

Stephen Autar

Stephen is the Knight Lab’s newest student fellow and he’ll be running our Twitter handle for the next several months.

We’d originally planned to shamelessly steal the @Sweden model, recruiting a rotating cast of slightly off beat, moderately offensive contributors. But the idea has evolved over the last few weeks, and we think will Stephen will be running the show through the end of the year and maybe longer.

So, who is Stephen?

He’s a sophomore at Medill and a native New Yorker. He’s written for the New York Daily News and Huffington Post and manages the culture section of NU Intel, a student culture publication. He’s as interested in marketing as he is in journalism, which makes him a great fit for this gig.

He also likes Twitter. A lot. He’s got more than 114,000 tweets under his belt and about 1,100 followers.

Stephen is new to the Knight Lab’s particular focus on journalism and technology, but he’s entertaining, clever, and clearly understands Twitter. He’ll be up to speed soon on what our followers are looking for.

We’re hoping this’ll be a big old adventure for all of us. We’ve given him very little in the way of instructions, other than to find news, ideas, and innovative examples of how news and technology intersect and Tweet about it.

He should also try to have some fun.

In addition to the tweets, Stephen will write a weekly recap on the tech/journalism conversations that took place on Twitter that week.

We’ll keep you updated on our plans for Twitter and any changes that are coming to our feed. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Stephen or to us, sending love, derision, or praise our way.

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