Following @Sweden's bold example

Remember all the fun and trouble caused when Sweden gave regular old citizens control of @sweden on Twitter? Yup, we do too. And since it seems like the embarrassment to entertainment value bends toward entertainment we’re doing the same thing with @KnightLab.

Starting next month @KnightLab will be handed to Northwestern students for a month at a time. Since Northwestern students are a pretty bright lot we’ve got some confidence that we’re making a good move.

Students will have full reign — replying, following, mentioning and tweeting as they see fit. It should be fun, but what we’re really hoping is that that each student brings his or her unique perspective to @KnightLab and puts some work into finding great news from the worlds of tech and journalism shares that news with our followers.

We’re on the hunt for students (who we’re calling social media contributors) now and will let you know when exactly to start expecting new voices from @KnightLab.

(If you’re a student interested in becoming a contributor, write to Ryan with a short pitch and links to your current Twitter handles. Oh, and we’re paying!)

We’re also on the look out for student bloggers to write about the intersection of technology and journalism for the Lab's site, which is undergoing a redesign at the moment.

Again, the idea is that students will bring a fresh perspective, new ideas, and more voice and character to the Knight Lab site.

(Again, students, if you’re interested, write to Ryan for details and a bit of background information on who you are and what you’d like to cover. Paying for this gig, too!)

We’re excited about both of these new initiatives. You’re sure to see some new names and ideas here soon. We think it will be good for the Lab, good for the students, and good for all our readers.

We’ll keep you posted.

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