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Executive Director, 2011-2012


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  • Finding the "Local Angle"

    Who says a local story has to happen locally? The Knight Lab has released the first generation of Local Angle, an application that helps content curators and consumers discover articles that may be of local interest even if they don’t originate locally.  The application associates articles with information such as a newsmaker’s birthplace or a company’s headquarters city. The goal is to spot content from around the web that may be of particular interest to...

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  • New tool: An easy way to build attractive timelines

    Timelines are a great tool for drawing readers into stories and the Knight Lab is pleased to introduce a great tool for creating them. Our timeline builder was created by Zach Wise, who last year joined the Medill faculty from the New York Times.   In teaching students to deploy timelines, Wise found there wasn’t a satisfactory tool that met current needs.  Working with the Knight Lab, he created one of his own and it’s now...

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  • Opening the door to our Congressional primaries site

    Today, we removed password protection from the beta version of our Congressional Primaries website and moved its homepage to congressionalprimaries.org. We think we’ve put together a good showcase for our set of tools that publishers can utilize to supplement traditional coverage of elections, which we outlined last month. It’s still a work in progress—and will continue to be throughout the weeks leading up to the March 20 primary in Illinois. Our first order of business...

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  • What's in our toolkit for Congressional primaries?

    This week we are releasing details of the services we’re creating to enhance coverage of the March 20 primaries that will choose Democratic and Republican candidates for Congress in Illinois. The Lab is actively monitoring digital activity surrounding the 25 contested races across the state’s 18 congressional districts.  As we said when we announced the project in December, our goal is to help voters better understand what the candidates stand for and where they are...

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  • Building tools for covering Congressional primaries

    Spurring technology innovation in the way elections are covered will be an ongoing initiative at the Knight Lab, and the March 20 primaries in Illinois provide a great place for us to start. (See project page here.) Thanks to redistricting and successive "wave" elections that brought many new faces to Congress in 2006, 2008, and 2010, there will be hotly contested Republican and Democratic contests throughout the state on March 20, 2012. The races will...

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  • A Welcome to the Lab's Advisory Board

    Because we're located at Northwestern University, the Knight Lab has the benefit of frequent interaction with a bunch of really smart and creative students and faculty. With the hiring of relationships manager Ryan Graff, we've begun to gear up our ongoing dialogue with publishers in the Chicagoland area. But everyone can use some outside advice, and to help us in that task we've assembled an advisory board of talented individuals with deep expertise and diverse...

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