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Blog:John S. Knight Fellowship

Newsroom developer? Why? Journalism matters and it is in crisis is why.

I care deeply about journalism and it is in crisis. Journalism matters. The free press is important to a functioning democracy. Journalism has the power to change the world. There are few moments in time more innovative, entrepreneurial and exciting than right now in the news industry. It amazes me how often I find myself talking about journalism’s design problem and that technologists are struggling to understand why the digital transition has been so

Claudia Núñez on Chicago Migrahack, hackathons and tolerance

Claudia Núñez

Propelled by a journalist’s skepticism, Claudia Nuñez questioned the data driving front page New York Times and decided she needed to develop her own analysis skills. Shortly after, she earned a John S. Knight Journalism fellowship, where she developed RDataVox, an online data visualization network for ethnic media journalists and non-profit organizations. Last December in Los Angeles, Nuñez organized a large scale hackathon on the topic of immigration. Now, working with the Institute for Justice in Journalism, she is organizing a follow-up event, the Chicago Migrahack. In advance of the event, we asked her a few questions.