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Jake Shapiro on PRX, developing Radiotopia and the future of web audio

PRX CEO Jake Shapiro

When I first started researching web audio, I was surprised to find again and again that an organization I’d never heard of was leading the charge, pushing hard on the current state of sound on the internet, and helping the medium into the 21st century: Public Radio Exchange, more commonly referred to as PRX. PRX supports some of the biggest names in radio and podcasting. The nonprofit distributes a roster of popular shows, from well-known public radio staples like The Moth and Sound Opinions to hit podcasts like 99% Invisible and WTF with Marc Maron. Radiotopia, PRX’s …

Alex Blumberg on StartUp podcast, Gimlet Media and the future of podcasting

Gimlet Media co-founders Alex Blumberg and Mattew Lieber

Alex Blumberg is a man who needs little introduction… At least within the podcasting and radio public media circles. He produced for This American Life for years and co-founded the award-winning Planet Money. Now Alex is tearing up the iTunes podcasting charts as he tries to give listeners a look behind the curtain at the development of his podcasting business, Gimlet Media, with the StartUp podcast. Alex and Gimlet Media co-founder Matthew Lieber, an MIT MBA and former public radio veteran, are already getting good press for the advertising innovations they’re pulling off in StartUp, and enough investment interest to get the for-profit company fully-funded. Now the company is looking …

How to get rich in the podcasting gold rush: Steal these 6 ideas from Odeo

Odeo’s vision for casual content creation didn’t take off in the mid-00’s, but with new interest in web audio maybe these ideas are worth another shot.

Before there was Twitter there was Odeo, the web-app that aimed to make podcasting accessible, discoverable and social. While it’s mostly remembered as the humbling misstep Ev Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone took along the path to building Twitter, it was filled with innovative audio ideas the net hadn’t seen before and still hasn’t seen since. So, before you go reinventing the Internet audio wheel, you might take a second to put

Leaps and sounds: 6 product categories creating the future of web audio

Google and Apple started putting their plans to get into car in action in 2014.

In our “Why web audio can’t grow up” article, we presented the case for moving away from “podcasts” as the de-facto definition of web audio, to create new audio platforms and new ways to experience interacting with audio on the web. Quick summary: Podcasts are difficult to share, tough to discover and not inherently suited to community building. They just feel old! Luckily we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed the problem, innovators

The 4 Stages to Internet medium maturity: Why web audio can’t grow up

Audio storytelling on the net has looked the same for about a decade - why are we accepting the status quo while text and music evolve? Screen grab from Comedy Central.

It doesn’t take a genius to see web audio has problems. In a Knight Lab brainstorm we pinpointed more than 20 things we can’t stand about how audio storytelling works on the net. Plus we’re not the only ones who have noticed the issues.

From Carl Malamud to Dr. Dre to Ev Williams: The history of web audio

history of web audio, timeline

When Dr. Dre sued Mega Nerd, and now famous serial-entrepreneur, Sean Parker’s Napster back in 2000, digital music distribution seemed like the biggest danger to the rapper’s fortune. Maybe the threat triggered something in the hip-hop mogul’s mind. What was once a threat became booming business for the good doctor in May when he sold Beats Music to Apple as part of a massive deal. Dre nearly became hip-hop’s first billionaire in the process,